HITB 2020 Amsterdam

Waarom gaat Valetine Mairet naar Hack in the Box (HitB)?

In april zal Technite voor het vijfde jaar verslag doen van Hack in the Box. De internationale conferentie vindt wederom in het Amsterdamse Krasnapolsky hotel plaats en wordt voorafgegaan door twee dagen met trainingen. HitB behoort niet alleen tot de beste security events in Nederland, het is ook een goede plek om te netwerken.

Technite heeft per mail deelnemers en sprekers vragen voorgelegd. Vragen en antwoorden worden integraal geplaatst. Vandaag de antwoorden van Valetine Mairet, Co-Founder WICCA & Purple Teamer, KPN-CERT.

Is this the first time you speak at the HITB Amsterdam Conference?
This is the first time I give a workshop at HITB but I presented a tool at the HITB Armory last year.

Can you state briefly what your talk is about AND how you came to the subject?
The workshop is a crisis simulation. Attendees will be split in teams and have to roleplay a typical telco CERT with some added roles (like PR). It all starts with a DDoS alert and escalates to a full-on crisis for the company. The teams have to use forensics, reversing, and communication and management skills to solve the crisis. Of course, we’ll keep track of the score for the team that handles the crisis the most efficient way.
We came up with this subject with my colleague because we wanted to do something with crisis management and we wanted to make it fun for the crowd!
On the side, I will also be giving a talk for the CommSec track but that’s another story. Let me know if you want to hear about that as well.

How often have you visited HITB as a visitor, participant?
This is my 3rd year.

Is there a topic, lecture, demo that you would like to attend? If so,which and why?
I do not have the full agenda yet but any threat intel / threat hunting talk will do! I’m currently working in setting up our own threat hunting workforce and it would be great to hear from experts what their experiences are.

Why does the reader of this article have to come to HITB?
HITB is not only a great source of knowledge but it is also a community reunion where great people join. We handle serious topics but we don’t forget to have fun while talking exploits. There’s so much to see, from villages to CTF to the talks themselves.

Is HITB for you instructive and interesting or more a pleasant way of networking?
It’s both!