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Persbericht: Hydro66 Announces Open Compute Project Colocation Facility Compliance

First certified Nordic colocation data center delivers world first triple benefit to OCP Community. Uses 90% less energy than other EU data centers

Boden, Sweden, July 17, 2019 – Hydro66 Holdings Corp. (“Hydro66” or the “Company”) (CSE: SIX) (OTCQB:HYHDF) is pleased to announce the Company has been formally certified by the Open Compute Project (OCP) as an OCP Ready™ Colo Facility. OCP is a collaborative community focused on redesigning hardware technology to efficiently support the growing demands on compute infrastructure, most recently including a standard for innovative colocation data centers like Hydro66.

Steve Helvie, VP of Channel Development at Open Compute Project said:

“There is a growing need for data center operators who really understand how to deploy and support OCP infrastructure. So, having facilities that are OCP Ready™ becomes a critical piece of the overall value chain.

We’re excited to have Hydro66 as an authorised OCP Colo Solution Provider™ with their facility in Boden, Sweden obtaining OCP Ready™ certification. They are the first facility in the Nordics to achieve this status and another example of how Europe is leading the way in OCP Ready™ facilities.”

Hydro66 is a leader in ultra-efficient data center design and operation and has been working with the OCP team for almost two years. The award-winning facility has been operational since October 2015 and was designed and built with OCP compliance in mind. Today’s announcement is the culmination of these efforts and comes very shortly after the new OCP Ready™ standard was formalized.

Some of the pioneering design features enabling Hydro66 to comply with the standard include:

● Ground floor design throughout with no ramps, stairs or elevators
● Solid concrete slab floor including loading bay, customer storage and IT white space
● Dedicated building use, designed and built as data center from green field
● PUE 1.07, compared to EU average 1.7 means 90% less energy used on overheads

Being an OCP Ready™ Colo Facility means Hydro66 offers Enterprise clients an assured way to deploy OCP servers, storage and networking equipment in an extremely cost-effective and scalable way. Compliance means a proven method for accepting OCP pre-built racks, safe in the knowledge that the data center has been pre-vetted and meets or exceeds all the criteria for hosting OCP gear.

Paul Morrison, Chief Commercial Officer at Hydro66 commented,

“Hydro66 is committed to the principles of the OCP – open, decentralized and innovative. We are delighted to open the Nordics for Open Compute deployments – for the first time Enterprise clients can uniquely combine the triple benefits of OCP hardware, an ultra-efficient true green data center and the Nordic climate and cost advantages.”

Hydro66 have developed a 10-point checklist to enable OCP users to evaluate their data center choices against current best practice. The OCP Ready™ Colo project was designed to harmonize the mechanical performance and thermal and electrical efficiency of Open Compute Project servers with the specifications of the hosting facility. The compliance criteria include M&E infrastructure and other functional areas including IT white space layout and design and facility operations. More details and the 10-point checklist can be found here.

The cool Nordic climate and availability of true green power delivered at very low cost on high stability industrial power grids has been recognised for some time by hyperscale OCP builders such as Facebook and Microsoft. The Nordics also bring universal fiber coverage and rapid connections to Germany, Amsterdam, Russia and the Far East.

“Our customers win from an ultra-efficient award-winning building design which uses 90% less energy than legacy data centers. Being powered by 100% renewable local hydroelectric generation makes a scalable infrastructure platform fit for the next generation of compute at scale deployments. The triple benefits of OCP hardware, OCP-Ready colocation and the Nordic region are globally unmatched. Stacking this sequence of benefits on top of each other means forward-thinking customers and the planet win big and win quickly, today.” concluded Morrison.

Hydro66 are delivering a presentation on the OCP accreditation process and customer benefits of compliance at the OCP Regional Summit in Amsterdam on Friday 27th September. More details can be found here.

You can see Hydro66 on the OCP Marketplace.


Paul Morrison
Chief Commercial Officer of Hydro66 UK Limited