persbericht: Rapid.Space Cloud slashes CO2 by 87%

(noot: dit persbericht is vorige week verspreid tijdens de OCP Regional Summit. Daarbij is het aanbod gedaan de dienst 1 week gratis te gebruiken. Dat aanbod is nog steeds geldig!)

Amsterdam, September 26, 2019

Hydro66 have delivered OCP colocation data center services to Nexedi, operator of Rapid.Space cloud and leading publisher of Entreprise open source software in Europe. This new IaaS platform provides market leading price and performance public cloud servers. It is based on Sesame recertified servers provided by ITRenew and based on the Open Compute Project (OCP) standard. Rapid.Space at Hydro66 reduces CO2 emissions by 87% compared to average European cloud providers.

Headquartered in France, Nexedi is an innovative Enterprise solution provider focused on delivering open source software and hardware to solve complex business applications issues (such as ERP, CRM and cloud operation) in a very short time and with maximum flexibility. Customers include Airbus, Kyorin, Woelfel, PSA, Teralab and SANEF amongst many others.

Jean-Paul Smets, CEO Nexedi, stated, “We have been strong advocates of OCP for several years now and we are delighted to begin working with a new member of the community. Hydro66 are a perfect partner for us as they reflect our core values of delivering environmentally friendly solutions at a fraction of the “Big 5” market price. Further, our customers see a lot of value in a cloud solution deployed in the EU with an EU partner. Delivering our Rapid.Space racks pre-built by ITRenew to Hydro66 and having them available to our customers in a matter of minutes is exactly the benefit we expected from an OCP colocation facility.”

The cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) market is accelerating at 27% year on year and poised to drive the US$45.6 billion market toward US$150.7 billion by 2023, according to independent research published by Frost & Sullivan.

Ali Fenn, Chief Innovation Officer at ITRenew, explains “With progress happening in the shift to renewables, as much as 75% of the CO2e impact of data center compute equipment is tied to the manufacturing of servers, rather than their usage. Circular economy through recertification more than doubles the life of OCP hardware used by very large companies, and can reduce net CO2e of data center equipment by 25% while also delivering significant TCO gains.”

Patrick Smidts, Commercial Director of Benelux for Hydro66 commented,”With a world record PUE of 1.07 and power entirely provided by hydroelectric facilities, Hydro66 cuts by more than 99% the average CO2 footprint of cloud. Overall, by colocating Rapid.Space at Hydro66, Rapid.Space slashes CO2 emissions by up to 87% with a public price 5 to 10 times lower than competition.”